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Sunday, December 24, 2023

Basic Traveller Adventure Setup

Here's an outline for setting up a basic Traveller adventure. You can skip some sections if you want. Or you can add some. But this should give you a good outline to follow for creating your own Traveller adventures. You can even use most of this for outlining pre-made adventures.

Give it a shot!


Part 0
- The Introduction

Part I 
- The Patron Assignment
- Supplies and Sundry
- The Departure

Part II
- The Mission
- - Getting There
- - What Happens?
- - What Happens Next?
- - What Else Happens?
- - End of the Mission

Part III
- The Aftermath
- - Reporting the Mission
- - Selling Trophies
- - Getting Rewards

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Does your ship have a Pet? (revised)

Did you leave your cargo door open too long while unloading and now have a bat-equivalent predator flying around your ship?

Did an Opossum-like creature crawl into a hatchway while you were making repairs?

Did your ship's cat let you know that there was a 7 foot tall creature behind you?

Choose which Ship's Pets table you want to try and Roll 1d6

Typical Ship's Pets
1.) a Terran House Cat walks up the ramp one day
2.) Beaked Monkey is a pet throughout Charted Space
3.) a Tree Rat that's similar to a Terran Opossum - even with a prehensile tail
4.) an unidentified Alien Plant that eats bugs
5.) a Lowalaa vocal mimic kept by many Nobles
6.) a Seedspitter that definitely spits seeds... at you

Rare Ship's Pets
1.) a Tree Kraken from Knorbes
2.) a Robotic Critter
3.) a Zhodani Cat that somehow made its way into the Imperium
4.) An Anola that's too far from Pysadi
5.) a Llellewyloly stowaway you eventually figure out is a Sophont
6.) an Alien Iguana starting to make a chrysalis

Roll every time you open your boarding hatch... if you dare.

You can find most of these in the Traveller wiki. I'm sure there's a lot more. Use or re-write the tables to use in your game.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Danger Zones

In Traveller, there are Travel Zones and other Danger Zones. Either TAS warnings, or Imperial Navy or Scout Service Interdiction. And you can have either an Amber Zone which means to be cautious, or a Red Zone, which should be avoided and would be illegal to enter.

These are the different things that can cause an Amber Zone or Red Zone.

1.) Dangerous Wildlife
2.) War Zone or Violent Conflict
3.) Destructive Environment (aka Hellworld)
4.) Violent Crime or Law Level Extremes
5.) Immature, Xenophobic, or Indignant Culture
6.) Hazardous Atmosphere

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Jon Smithe - Detached Scout

Here's my PbP/story character if you want to use him as an NPC.

Jon J. Smithe  97A8C5  4 Terms Scouts
Detached Scout  Age-34
Ship's Commander, Pilot/Astrogator

STR 9 (+1), DEX 7, END A (+1), INT 8, EDU C (+2), SOC 5 (-1)

Regina A788899-C  (Spinward Marches)
A strategic world on the frontier of the Imperium.
Starport A, Medium Size, Dense Atmosphere, Wet World, Moderate Pop, Hi Law, Average Stellar

Carouse-0, Electronics-0, Engineer-0, Flyer-0, Gunner-0, Medic-0, Melee-0, Navigation-0, Recon-0, Science-0, Streetwise-0

Electronics (Computers)-1, Electronics (Sensors)-1, Engineer (Jump Drive)-1, Gauss Pistol-1, Jack-of-all-Trades-1, Mechanic-1, Science (Xenoogy)-1, Vacc Suit-1

Astrogation-2, Survival-2

Pilot (Spacecraft)-3

Optional Skills:  
Admin-0, Animals-0, Athletics-0, Gun Combat-0, Imperium Knowledge-0, Known Space Knowledge-0, Language (Vargrowl)-0, Language (High Vilani)-0, Pilot-0, Language (Anglic)-2

Unarmed (1D) +1 STR

Improvised (2D) +1 STR

TL-2 Blade (2D) +1 STR

TL-10 Stunner
5m  Damage:  (2D+3)
100 charges Stun Zero-G

TL-13 Gauss Pistol
20m  Damage: (3D)  Armor Piercing 3, Auto: 2
1kg  Cr500  40 round magazine
Shoulder Stock, Secure Weapon, Laser Sight (TL-10)
High-Capacity Magazines (80) Cr20
Alternate Ammunition: Armor Piercing 6, Incendiary (Fire)
pg. 126 (2022 Update)

Vacc Suit
TL-12 Rads-90 Protection-10
Thruster Pack, Magnetic Grapplers, Self-sealing, Emergency Repair Kit
Suit Computer system named "Sentinel" for operations and malfunction monitoring

TL14 Computer/5 
0.5kg Cr5000
Portable (Hand) Computer (Comms, Data Display/Recorder, Data wafer, HUD)
Software: Intelligent Interface, Agent (TL-11), Personal Trainer, Translator/0, 
Security/0, (Navigation) Expert/1, (Investigate) Expert/1, Intrusion/1

A basic carrying bag with shoulder straps and external pockets.
Contents: signal flare, thermal smoke (TL-7), electric torch, duct tape, MedKit (TL-11), Excavation Tool Set, 

TL-13  Cr100
10 meters able to hold up to 500 kilograms before breaking.

Survival Kit
Contents: small knife, fire-starting equipment, blanket/poncho, 4 days’ preserved rations, water bottle, compass, light cord/string, mirror, water purification tablets, survival manual.

PRIS (Portable Radiation Imaging System) Binoculars (TL12)
-allows the user to observe a large section of the EMspectrum, from infrared to gamma rays.

Breathing Apparatus
Respirator (TL-10), Filter Mask, Environment Reader

Various Smart Fabric Clothing, TL-10 Wrist Watch, Remembrance Hologram (Family), Remembrance Hologram (Sweetheart)

Detached Scout Ship "Bright Horizon"
 - AI Computer "Archi" Archimedes 5700 series

Domestic Servant Robot "Buddy"

Ship's Pet (Stowaway): Goober the Tree Kraken


Previous Detached Scout Ship "Penumbra Mystic"
 - AI Computer "Misti"

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Events for your Game

Roll 1d6
1.) Background Imagery (roll or pick one)
2.) Encounter (use normal Encounter Tables in the rule book)
3.) Event
4.) Encounter (use normal Encounter Tables in the rule book)
5.) Event
6.) Encounter (use normal Encounter Tables in the rule book)
1.) Accident
2.) Natural Event
3.) Weather
4.) Social Event
5.) Discovery
6.) Celestial Event
Odd.) Major Accident
Even.) Minor Accident

Natural Event
1.) Dust Devils
2.) Landslide
3.) Tsunami or Tidal Wave
4.) Wildfire
5.) Seismic Tremor or Extreme Quake
6.) Volcano, Geyser, or Hot Outgassing

Odd.) Warm Weather Event
Even.) Cold Weather Event

Social Event
1.) On the Street
2.) Major News
3.) Crime
4.) Politics
5.) Ceremony
6.) Sports Event

1.) Trinket, Clothing piece, or Toy
2.) Hand-Written Note or Paper Mail
3.) Money, Wallet, or ID card
4.) Malfunctioning Robot or Machine
5.) Hurt or Murdered Person
6.) Lost Pet

Celestial Event
1.) Celestial Happenings
2.) Visible Starship Event
3.) Amazing Sunset or Starrise
4.) Cosmic Curiosity
5.) Anomaly
6.) Nebulae
Background Imagery
Pick a Table
Roll 1d6

1.) Mushroom Plains
2.) Decayed Animal Carcass/Skeleton
3.) Crashed Vehicle
4.) Crumbling Ruins
5.) Moons in the Sky
6.) Far Off City

1.) Majestic Rock(s)
2.) Gigantic Statue
3.) High Waterfall
4.) Site of Old Battle
5.) Shooting Star
6.) Lumbering Creature
Weather Event

Throw 2d6 for Warm Weather Event
2.) Severe Thunderstorm and Lightning
3.) High Winds or Sand/Dust Storm
4.) Light Rain
5.) Clear
6.) Partly Cloudy or Overcast
7.) Clear
8.) Foggy or Unusually Cold
9.) Heat Wave or High Humidity
10.) Severe Thunderstorm and Flooding
11.) Heat Lightning
12.) Tornado or Hurricane/Typhoon

Throw 2d6 for Cold Weather Event
2.) Severe or Heavy Snowfall
3.) High Winds and Drifting Snow
4.) Light Precipitation or Mild Snowfall
5.) Slush
6.) Partly Cloudy or Overcast
7.) Clear
8.) Partly Cloudy or Overcast
9.) Mild Snowfall
10.) It just keeps snowing...
11.) Unusually Warm
12.) Blizzard or Deep Freeze
Social Event

On the Streets
1.) Police on the Beat
2.) Mad Cabbie
3.) Parade
4.) Motorcycle Gang
5.) Prostitute
6.) Roadblock

Major News
1.) RockFest at the Park (or Other Music)
2.) Museum Exhibit
3.) Air Show
4.) Art Exhibit
5.) Boat Show
6.) Festival

1.) Rapist in the Park
2.) Somebody went Postal again (at the Post Office)
3.) Gang War
4.) Bank Robbery
5.) Shooting at a Five-Star Restaurant
6.) Riot

1.) Elections
2.) Sex Scandal
3.) New Building Dedication
4.) Government Initiative
5.) Financial Scandal
6.) Sheriff Appointed
Celestial Event

Celestial Happenings
1.) Full Moon
2.) Meteor Shower
3.) Aurora Borealis
4.) Odd Lights
5.) Crescent Moon
6.) Eclipse

Tuesday, October 24, 2023


I wrote this up a while ago to help me with understanding Characteristics.

Strength (STR)
- Brawn and Physique
- Might and Power

Dexterity (DEX)
- Coordination, Accuracy, and Agility
- Reflex and Reaction

Endurance (END)
- Stamina and Resolve
- Vitality, Fitness, and Vigor

Intelect (INT)
- Reasoning, Logic, Agency, and Strategy
- Ingenuity, Wits, Intuition, and Awareness

Education (EDU)
- Learned Techniques and Tactics
- Knowledge, Insight, and Wisdom

Social Standing (SOC)
- Presence, Respect, and Charisma
- Pedigree, Renown, and Prestige

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

If you are looking for information about the Traveller Universe...

There are several:

Traveller's Guide to the Universe - from The Traveller Book (Classic Traveller), an intro to Traveller. Maybe you can find this on PDF. Less than 10 pages.

Traveller Integrated Timeline - a great resource all about the history of the Traveller Universe by an Absent Friend, Don McKinney. Search for the PDF. But it's 133 pages.

A CHRONOLOGY OF THE IMPERIUM - 2 pages in the MegaTraveller Imperial Encyclopedia.

Plus, you can keep track of your own findings and creations.
  • Secrets and Hidden Gems of your Game or Campaign
  • Natural Wonders of Charted Space - any that you find along the way
  • In Your Traveller Universe (IYTU) - changes you made to the official rules or setting.
  • NPC Roster - don't throw them away. You can reuse them with minor changes to stats and new clothes. Plus, you can have recurring characters that way. This definitely includes Patrons.
  • Ship Encounter Roster - if they talk to someone on a ship on orbit around Ruie, they might run into them again somewhere else in the Regina subsector. Especially Merchants on a Trade Run, or Naval Vessels on Patrol.
  • Music and Entertainment of Charted Space