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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Tips for Role-Playing your Character

I found over the years that I'm not a theatrical role-player. I'm more of a dungeon-crawler. An explorer. A fighter. But when it comes to hanging out at the Cantina full of aliens, I can't really hold a fictional conversation. Just give me the mission and send me on to Jumpspace. But here's some advice that has helped me:

1.) Ask a lot of questions.
- So your character knows what's going on.

2.) Have your character Do Something!
- Even if it seems boring. Brad Pitt is eating something in at least one scene in every movie he is in.

3.) Play a character you are interested in.
- An Engineer is boring to someone who doesn't like to tinker and fix stuff and figure out how things work.

4.) Play a character appropriate to the game.
- A Merchant isn't appropriate for an Exploration game unless you're selling Artifacts - and that's only after the adventure is over.

5.) Help another character.
- Teamwork makes the dream work.

6.) If all else fails, have your character walk over and turn on the jukebox.
- And start dancing. Or something similar.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Crew Food

I wrote this up a while back.

The original TV dinners, with meat, vegetable, mashed potato, and fruit or dessert, was about 12 inches by 10 inches by 1 inch tall. If you throw in a 2 inch by 12 inch by 1 inch detachable utility pack with eating utensils, condiments, and beverage powders (or even liquid concentrates), it makes a 12 inch by 12 inch by 1 inch complete meal.

For 1 person for 30 days at 3 meals a day, a stack of TV dinners with varied breakfast, lunch, and diner meals would only be 90 inches tall (almost 8 feet). If you want to make it square, it's about a 2 foot by 2 foot by 2 foot pack. Easily manageable.

A Scout/Courier with double occupancy (8 people) could stack them in each stateroom (under each bunk), assuming they are shelf stable and just need to be heated. Otherwise a special place has to be made in the Galley or Cargo Hold.

The original price of a TV Dinner was $0.98, so only about 90Cr per person for a month (or 720Cr for the whole 8 person crew).

I'm sure by the 57th century, there would be shelf-stable standardized food modules about the size of a TV dinner, made just for Starships or Travellers. A 12 inch wide by 1 inch tall by 10 inch deep food module heater would probably be standard in any Starship Galley.

A High Passage meal would probably be bigger and a lot different. But just think about how good a Tech Level-15 TV Dinner would taste! And TV could also stand for TraVeller.


Food Module Pack
1 person, 1 month (90 meals)
2' x 2' x 2'

Food Module Pallet
8 person, 1 month (720 meals)
4' x 4' x 4'

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Civilian Finds and Claims in the Imperium

So I've been wondering about this for a while: what happens when a Free Trader crew comes across a aged pyramid, a Detached Duty Scout finds a new lifeform when not on a Detached Duty mission, a Mercenary crew uses an asteroid as a recon base and finds evidence of a forgotten civilization? What happens if a Noble and her retinue find evidence of an incoming incursion into Imperial Space? Or a Safari expedition finds a crashed ship?

Does the Imperium say thanks and that's it? Or is there a substantial reward by the Imperial government for their efforts?

Here are 20 examples of Finds or Claims a starship crew can file. In some cases, there may not be time to investigate fully, and only a Location Report can be made. If you have any recommendations for Monetary Rewards, please post them in the Comments section.

Location Report of Archeological Site
Exploration Report of Archeological Site
 - - -
Location Report of Artifact
Analysis Report of Artifact
 - - -
Location Report of Unknown Lifeform
Examination Report of Unknown Lifeform
 - - -
Location Report of Unregistered Sophont Culture
Contact Report of Unregistered Sophont Culture
 - - -
Location Report of Uncharted Settlement
Sensor Logs of Uncharted Settlement
 - - -
Location Report of Enemy Activity
Sensor Evidence of Enemy Activity
 - - -
Location Report of Spacial Anomaly or Hazard
Sensor Readings of Spacial Anomaly or Hazard
 - - -
Mainworld ReSurvey Update
Star System ReSurvey Update
 - - -
Resource Claim
Salvage Claim
 - - -
Relay Distress Call (Not Recommended)
Answer Distress Call

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Unrefined Fuel Shunt

The Fuel Intake Valve can be integrated into the side of the Starboard Fuel Scoop so that when Unrefined Fuel is purchased, it can be shunted directly into the Fuel Processor, much like Skimming for Fuel. This has caused many headaches and long waits at some Starports, as the process takes much longer than normal fueling.

If this isn't standard on your Starship, it can be purchased and installed at your Annual Maintenance.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Psionic Focus Crystal

A Psionic Focus Crystal is a crystal that's been tuned by a Psion for future use. One can only be made by a Psion with a Psionic Strength of 9 or higher (a Stage 4 Psion). The Psion can take a normal crystal and tune it for a number of days equal to their Psionic Strength DM, paying Psi Points equal to their Psionic Strength DM each day, and the crystal can then be used as a Psionic Focus Crystal. Thereafter, once per day, the crystal can be used either to provide a bonus to one psionic skill roll equal to the tuning Psion's Psionic Strength DM, or, to provide spendable Psi Points equal to the tuning Psion's Psionic Strength DM. But not both. The effects can be used by any Psion. A Psionic Focus Crystal will start to take on the properties of the Psionic Talent it is used the most for - but there's no hard and fast way to tune the crystal for this. A Psionic Focus Crystal can be given to another person as an heirloom or gift, and some have found their way to the black market.

The most famous officially known Psionic Focus Crystal was The Boonto - the Psionic Focus Crystal of Felix Ches'de'fijak, a powerful Psion from before the Psionic Suppressions. It can be found at the Sylean Museum of History on Capital. It has a Psionic Strength of +2 and is said to cause Premonitions. The Boonto has been stolen several times, only to be returned anonymously each time.

There are rumors of a Psionic Focus Crystal so powerful and ancient that it also has the power to heal or bring someone back from the dead.

The Psionic Focus Crystal is an organic way of creating both a Psi Enhancer and a limited Personal Psi Battery.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

MgT Psion advanced powers using the 5 Basic Talents

Here's a list for using some of the Advanced Powers in the Mongoose Traveller Psion book only using the 5 Basic Talents. That way, you can still use the Psions you rolled up with the Core Rulebook - instead of having to roll a brand new one. One dot "." in front of the power means it's from the Core Book, Two dots ".." means it's from the Psion book Advanced Powers section. To use, just replace the Advanced Talent in the task listing with the Basic Talent I now have it listed under.


Read Aura

Aura Perception, Psionic Strength, 10-60 seconds, Easy (+4).
Costs 1.

change to:

Telepathy, Psionic Strength, 10-60 seconds, Easy (+4).
Costs 1.

 . Life Detection
 .. Read Aura
 . Telempathy
 .. Tap Emotion
 .. Project Emotion
 . Read Surface Thoughts
 . Send Thoughts
 .. Project Personality
 .. Glamour
 . Probe
 . Assault
 .. Tap Other
 .. Pain
 .. Paralysis
 .. Mind Shock
 .. Unlock
 .. Mind Switch
 . Shield
 .. Mind Blank
 .. Mind Mirror
 .. Psychic Armor
 .. Psychic Absorbtion

 . Sense
 . Tactical Awareness
 . Clairvoyance
 . Clairaudience
 . Clairsentience
 .. Out Of Body Experience

 . Telekinesis
 . Flight
 . Telekinetic Punch
 .. Mind Blast
 . Pyrokinesis
 .. Thermokinesis

 . Suspended Animation
 .. Tap Self
 .. Mask Aura
 .. Manipulate Aura
 . Enhanced Awareness
 .. Enhanced Acrobatics
 .. Enhanced Art
 .. Enhanced Charisma
 . Psionically Enhanced Strength
 . Psionically Enhanced Endurance
 . Regeneration
 . Body Armor

Another Psi power for Mongoose Traveller


(This is the ability Direction from T4 modified for MgT)

The ability to obtain the direction of an object or person sought. Sometime known as dowsing or seekersense. The character will only know the target’s general direction unless the target is at Close range. With exceptional success, the character knows the target’s exact location.

Clairvoyance, Psionic Strength, 1 second, Easy (+4).
Costs 1+Range