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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

d66 Random Ship Name Tables

Roll d66
11 Harlequin
12 Penumbra
13 Umbra
14 Star
15 Mystic
16 Dominion
21 Devastate
22 Havoc
23 Harmonious
24 Cloud
25 Ultra
26 Brilliant
31 Sage
32 Express
33 Ruin
34 Mayhem
35 Joker
36 Faith
41 Shadow
42 Idol
43 Shaman
44 Splendor
45 Shock
46 Tranquility
51 Guardian
52 Judgment
53 Raven
54 Dusk
55 Ravage
56 Revel
61 Mysterious
62 Jubilant
63 Persuasive
64 Trader
65 Fanatic
66 Triumphant

Roll d66
11 Galaxy
12 Rising
13 Vigor
14 Ultimatum
15 Radiant
16 Bizarre
21 Ascendancy
22 Solace
23 Bedlam
24 Musical
25 Veil
26 Mammoth
31 Prodigy
32 Riot
33 Cohort
34 Delight
35 Guru
36 Intensity
41 Prudent
42 Philosopher
43 Astute
44 Scholar
45 Mentor
46 Hasty
51 Elusive
52 Shambles
53 Pandemonium
54 Buffoon
55 Devotion
56 Specter
61 Effigy
62 Seer
63 Grandeur
64 Surprise
65 Serenity
66 Twilight

Roll d66
11 Plunder
12 Secret
13 Celebration
14 Baffling
15 Pondering
16 Blissful
21 Argument
22 Quarrel
23 Deal
24 Anarchy
25 Petite
26 Novelty
31 Regal
32 Tramp
33 Mountain
34 Savant
35 Fidelity
36 Reflection
41 Dignitary
42 Oracle
43 Opulence
44 Astound
45 Poise
46 Morning
51 Blemish
52 Furtive
53 Festivity
54 Arcane
55 Honor
56 Compass
61 Ranger
62 Nebula
63 Wisdom
64 Kingdom
65 Senator
66 Achiever

Roll d66
11 Discovery
12 Concert
13 Pioneer
14 Arrogant
15 Charm
16 Victory
21 Companion
22 Courageous
23 Elegant
24 Pride
25 Audacious
26 Hearth
31 Taunting
32 Trusted
33 Eclipse
34 Goddess
35 Dreamer
36 Magnificence
41 Appalling
42 Harmony
43 Sentinel
44 Declaration
45 Noble
46 Galactic
51 Animal
52 Execution
53 Constellation
54 Harm
55 Believer
56 Midnight
61 Lord
62 Aurora
63 Mistress
64 Destination
65 Time
66 Call

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Travelling Languages

A small sampling of languages in Charted Space.

Galanglic (Basic Imperium)
Spacer Slang (dialect)
Core Parlance (dialect)
Rimward Lingo (dialect)
Frontier Argot (dialect)

Terran Anglic

High Vilani
Trade Vilani

Basic Sylean

teZhlodh (Daryen native)

Trokh (Aslan)
Trokh fiyalr (Aslan Trade Language)

Vargrowl (Vargr)
Irillitok - common among Vargr who encounter humans.
Gvegh - spoken by Vargr just coreward of the Marches



Chirping (Droyne dialect)

Hiver Sign

Monday, November 2, 2020

Cultural Stages for Traveller

I made a chart a while back similar to the Kardashev scale to show cultural stages. I would think that TAS would provide something like this for a culture. And this would be used by Travellers more than Tech Levels would be. Stage 0 and I would be Amber Travel Zones and Stage II would automatically be a Red Zone. Then Stage III could possibly be an Amber Zone again...

Stage 0 - pre-sentient
Gorillas, Orangutans

Stage I - Primitive (TL 0-2)
Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal, Dolphin?, Chimpanzees?

Stage II - Planetary (TL 3-5)
The British Empire, Whales?

Stage III - Stellar (TL 6-8)
Current stage of Earth - early stellar

Stage IV - Interstellar (TL 9-15)
The Third Imperium, Hive Federation, Aslan Hierate, The Two Thousand Worlds, Vargr Extents, Zhodani Consulate

Stage V - Galactic (TL 16-20)
The Ancients?

Stage VI - Intergalactic (TL 21-~)

Stage VII - Universal (??)

Stage Modifiers

Stage C - Influenced
Uplifted Races

Stage Q - Anomalous
PsychoCivilization (Zhodane?)

Stage X - Temporal

Stage Z - Dimentional

Monday, November 11, 2019

What do Space Explorers look for?

So your player's Space Explorer is out in the galaxy. And you just can't come up with an idea of what they can find on the next moon or world. Now, you can roll a d20 and here's an idea that you can use to generate what the Space Explorer finds or does at their destination. You can also combine several ideas to make things more interesting.

1.) Eternal Life (the quest for immortality)
2.) Base Languages
3.) Usable and Exploitable Resources
4.) Better Medicines
5.) Illicit Euphorics
6.) Interesting Creatures and/or Plants
7.) Tasty Food
8.) Natural Wonders
9.) Alien Civilizations
10.) Relics and/or Artifacts that pre-date current era
11.) Ancient Ruins from past civilizations
12.) Anything from outside the Galaxy
13.) Anything that predates the Universe
14.) Astrographic Survey Data
15.) Unusual Stellar Phenomena
16.) Premium Real Estate
17.) Holo-Pics for Galactic Astrographic
18.) Essays for the Encyclopedia Galactica
19.) Traveling to the darkest depths of space
20.) Looking for the meaning of Life

Monday, October 8, 2018

A generic way to build an archaeological site

Site) What was it used for?

Site) What condition is it in?

Site or Artifact) What material is it made from?

Artifact) What can you find there?
Burial or Remains
Cultural Relic?

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Starting Attributes

If you are pressed for time and you don't want to roll up a bunch of attributes for characters, you can just use these:


...and rearrange as you like. Just decide which number for which attribute. With 777777 being average, it's 3 points higher than average. Adding and subtracting to average out the numbers, it's the equivalent of 787878. Gives the character a little extra more than average, but not a lot more.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Tips for Role-Playing your Character

I found over the years that I'm not a theatrical role-player. I'm more of a dungeon-crawler. An explorer. A fighter. But when it comes to hanging out at the Cantina full of aliens, I can't really hold a fictional conversation. Just give me the mission and send me on to Jumpspace. But here's some advice that has helped me:

1.) Ask a lot of questions.
- So your character knows what's going on.

2.) Have your character Do Something!
- Even if it seems boring. Brad Pitt is eating something in at least one scene in every movie he is in.

3.) Play a character you are interested in.
- An Engineer is boring to someone who doesn't like to tinker and fix stuff and figure out how things work.

4.) Play a character appropriate to the game.
- A Merchant isn't appropriate for an Exploration game unless you're selling Artifacts - and that's only after the adventure is over.

5.) Help another character.
- Teamwork makes the dream work.

6.) If all else fails, have your character walk over and turn on the jukebox.
- And start dancing. Or something similar.