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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Missions for a Detached Duty Scout

Here are six basic 'non-official' Missions for a Detached Duty Scout ship.

Scout Ship For Hire "Missions"
1 - Cargo Courier
2 - Passenger Transport
3 - Non-Exploration Charter
4 - Independent Exploration
5 - Paramilitary Operation
6 - "Odd Jobs"

A Referee can roll on this table whenever the Scout Ship and Crew needs a random job. Detached Duty Scout Ships should already be gathering Sensor data in each system in their travels to download at the Scout Bases they visit, so I left out any Survey missions. "Odd Jobs" pretty much covers anything not covered by the first five "missions". These are the more 'civilian' missions of the Scout.

EDIT: These are the non-official, non-government sponsored jobs.