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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Missions for a Detached Duty Scout

Here are six basic 'non-official' Missions for a Detached Duty Scout ship.

Scout Ship For Hire "Missions"
1 - Cargo Courier
2 - Passenger Transport
3 - Non-Exploration Charter
4 - Independent Exploration
5 - Paramilitary Operation
6 - "Odd Jobs"

A Referee can roll on this table whenever the Scout Ship and Crew needs a random job. Detached Duty Scout Ships should already be gathering Sensor data in each system in their travels to download at the Scout Bases they visit, so I left out any Survey missions. "Odd Jobs" pretty much covers anything not covered by the first five "missions". These are the more 'civilian' missions of the Scout. These are the non-official, non-government sponsored jobs.

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