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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

MgT Psion advanced powers using the 5 Basic Talents

Here's a list for using some of the Advanced Powers in the Mongoose Traveller Psion book only using the 5 Basic Talents. That way, you can still use the Psions you rolled up with the Core Rulebook - instead of having to roll a brand new one. One dot "." in front of the power means it's from the Core Book, Two dots ".." means it's from the Psion book Advanced Powers section. To use, just replace the Advanced Talent in the task listing with the Basic Talent I now have it listed under.


Read Aura

Aura Perception, Psionic Strength, 10-60 seconds, Easy (+4).
Costs 1.

change to:

Telepathy, Psionic Strength, 10-60 seconds, Easy (+4).
Costs 1.

 . Life Detection
 .. Read Aura
 . Telempathy
 .. Tap Emotion
 .. Project Emotion
 . Read Surface Thoughts
 . Send Thoughts
 .. Project Personality
 .. Glamour
 . Probe
 . Assault
 .. Tap Other
 .. Pain
 .. Paralysis
 .. Mind Shock
 .. Unlock
 .. Mind Switch
 . Shield
 .. Mind Blank
 .. Mind Mirror
 .. Psychic Armor
 .. Psychic Absorbtion

 . Sense
 . Tactical Awareness
 . Clairvoyance
 . Clairaudience
 . Clairsentience
 .. Out Of Body Experience

 . Telekinesis
 . Flight
 . Telekinetic Punch
 .. Mind Blast
 . Pyrokinesis
 .. Thermokinesis

 . Suspended Animation
 .. Tap Self
 .. Mask Aura
 .. Manipulate Aura
 . Enhanced Awareness
 .. Enhanced Acrobatics
 .. Enhanced Art
 .. Enhanced Charisma
 . Psionically Enhanced Strength
 . Psionically Enhanced Endurance
 . Regeneration
 . Body Armor

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