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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Basic Scenarios for Traveller

This is mostly for new players. Ideas that can get someone interested in Traveller. Make it easier to write up an adventure.

1.) Trade an Exciting Cargo - the basic Trader scenario and what a lot of Traveller is based around.
2.) Explore a New World - the basic Scout scenario
3.) Fulfill a Patron's Mission - you get a job, you do it, then you get paid (hopefully!)
4.) Find an Ancient Artifact or Ruins - and make yourself famous!
5.) Defend an Outpost - a basic Mercenary ticket
6.) Travel to an Interesting World - for various reasons
7.) Fight an Exotic Creature - or maybe not fight one. This could be a Safari scenario
8.) Become a Noble - and be one of the Imperium's elite!
9.) Blast Enemies in Space - don't forget your VACC suit!
10.) Answer a Distress Call - because Free Trader Beowulf is calling
11.) Strike it rich on an Asteroid - and make a ton of Credits
12.) Salvage an Abandoned Starship - and sell the goods on the Black Market
13.) Beating a Space Pirate - but more likely getting beat by a Space Pirate
14) Survive a Mishap - be the mishap a crash, an alien monster, imprisonment, or sabotage.

Compiled with a little help from my friends over on Citizens of the Imperium.

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