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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

More Missions for Book 3: Scout

If you have the MgT Scout book, you've seen they did a very comprehensive look at the types of Missions a Detached Duty Scout could be recalled for - Contact, Courier, Exploration, Special Operation, and Survey. There is one more type of Mission that a DD Scout could be recalled for. I call them "Necessity" Missions. For some reason, the Imperium needs the help of the Scout Ship and it is recalled. Not always for the Scout Service.

"Necessity" Missions
1 - Search and Rescue
2 - Interdiction Picket
3 - Planetary Quarantine
4 - Escort Duty
5 - Decoy
6 - System Defense

EDIT: You can change the Employer Details table at the bottom of pg. 31 to:

Employer Details
1d6 Branch
1 - Contact
2 - Courier
3 - Exploration
4 - Necessity
5 - Special Operations
6 - Survey

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