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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Psionic Intuition Gauge

Psionic Intuition Gauge
Alien Artifact or High Tech Gadget/Trinket

Form: Amulet/Necklace/Pendant
Purpose: Information
Powers: Information (Analysis)?, Mental Enhancement (Heightened Intelligence)?
Drawbacks: Compulsory Behavior?, Decreased Ability?, Mental Instability?, Uncontrolled Function?

Appearance: The Psionic Intuition Gauge is a short metal or crystal tube, maybe the length of a pen or pencil, on a necklace. On the front of the tube there are three lights.

This is sort of a very high tech Magic 8 Ball. The Player asks a question (or the character thinks of a question). The device displays a color in response - Red for No, Yellow for Uncertain or Maybe, and Blue or Green for Yes.

The device draws it’s answer from the person holding it. It psionically (or in some other way) accesses the subconscious and conscious processing of the brain using any information it can gather from these sources and sensory input to formulate an answer. It’s not always the right answer, but just what the device thinks is right. It could be powered by body heat or some sort of small but long term energy storage. This could just be a good luck charm until a player/character starts to figure out how to use it. You could find one in an abandoned outpost or at an alien bazaar. The user may also become psychologically dependent on the device and stop making decisions without it.

A Referee could have a lot of fun and good use from a character having this device.

You can use Magic 8 Ball results for random responses or the Referee can make up the answer that's needed.

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