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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Magic 8 Ball results for Referees

Did you ever have a Magic 8 Ball when you were a kid? You ask a question, shake it up and turn it over and it gives you an answer like: Outlook good, or Don't count on it?

Well, it turns out that inside that Magic 8 Ball was a very large d20 die that had answers written on it instead of numbers. Ten of the answers are Positive, five are Negative, and five are Neutral.

They have all of the possible answers on this wikipedia page.

It's very easy to simulate this in Traveller with 2d6 dice.

Roll 2d6

2-7 Positive
8-9 Neutral
10-12 Negative

If you do have a d20, the results are this:

Roll 1d20

1-10 Positive/Yes
11-15 Neutral/Uncertain/Maybe
16-20 Negative/No

Have fun!

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