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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Starship Encounters - Space Wreckage

You come across a ship, floating in space, its crew long deceased and frozen at their stations...

This is an optional list I came up with from seeing a revival of the old Terran Trade Authority books - specifically the Space Wrecks book. A 1,000 year old Imperium should have some debris flying around, I'd think.

This list is just an idea generator - a phrase to give an image or concept of the Space Wreckage. The details should be filled in or modified by the Referee for their own game setting. If you even want more details - it could be used for just background 'fluff'. You could use some of these 'on World' as an Encounter, as well.

If 'Distress' is rolled on a random Starship Encounters check, the Referee can roll 2d6. On a result of '12' (or more often in a Frontier or Post-War area), roll d66 on the Space Wreckage table below, or just choose from the list.

Space Wreckage
11 - Neglected Derelict
12 - Scrap Belt
13 - Disabled Craft
14 - Abandoned Ship
15 - Garbage Dump
16 - Starship Graveyard
21 - Gutted Husk
22 - Pre-Stellar Prototype
23 - Vacuum Stricken
24 - Galactic Sentinel
25 - Cometary Crush
26 - Ghost Ship
31 - Lone 'Survivor'
32 - Intact Spacecraft
33 - Explosive Remains
34 - Starflight Prototype
35 - Invasion Remnant
36 - Star Creature Shell
41 - Battle Loss
42 - Plague Ship
43 - Space Oddity
44 - Space Wreck
45 - War-torn BattleHulk
46 - Space Victim
51 - Unwelcome Reconnaissance
52 - Timeworn Relic
53 - Unfinished Framework
54 - Spaceship Disaster
55 - Settler Stupidity
56 - Early Spaceflight Probe
61 - Traveller Rubbish
62 - Failed Experiment
63 - Impact Debris
64 - Star Crash
65 - Pirate Discard
66 - Colonial "Landing"

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